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Pastor Andy Deane's new book teaching 40 different Bible study methods!

Midwest Book Review
The greatest religious thinkers didn't just distill what their preacher told them. They did their homework. "Learn to Study the Bible: 40 Different Step-by-Step Methods to Help You Discover, Apply, and Enjoy God's Word" (ISBN 9781607915768) is a guide for the thinking Christian who wants to enhance their faith through greater understanding of the work by studying the Bible themselves. Offering many methods to gain a better understanding of the scripture and how to apply it in life, "Learn to Study the Bible" is a must for any Christian who wants to be informed and armed with the knowledge of God's word.

See the review at http://tinyurl.com/yls89hs

Radio Interview with Pastor Andy Deane on BRIDGE FM Christian Radio Station
Station manager Brian Recton of The Bridge FM (www.bridgefm.org) interviews Andy Deane regarding his new book that teaches 40 Bible study methods: LEARN TO STUDY THE BIBLE (ISBN 9781607915768). Listen to Pastor Andy's heart for studying the Scriptures and learn some tips on how to have great daily devotions with God each day. This interview was originally aired on the radio on September 21, 2009.


Book Review by Bible Study Magazine (Logos Bible Software)
Bible Study Magazine is the most helpful magazine that I receive. It has tons of great articles on how to study the Scriptures. If you haven't checked it out you really need to soon. I was just told that my new book will be reviewed in the Nov-Dec 2009 issue of this magazine. Be sure to look for it in the magazine. An advance copy of the review can be read below as well.


Learn to Study the Bible: 40 Different Step-by-Step Methods to Help You Discover, Apply, and Enjoy God’s Word
Xulon Press, 2009

Even for the most avid Bible reader, studying the Book can become dry and repetitive. That’s why Pastor Andy Deane wrote Learn to Study the Bible—a guide that offers 40 Bible study methods—more than any book of its kind.

Deane presents an image of the Bible as a treasure trove for the reader’s keeping. The book has seven sections, beginning with a segment discussing the importance of observation, interpretation, and application—a method developed by Robert A. Traina and furthered by Precept Ministries—for effective study of Scripture. The chapters in each section provide Bible study methods appropriate to particular groups (e.g., teenagers, new Christians, longtime Christians). A handwritten example of each method accompanies its description.

One of the concluding chapters suggests building a reference library, including a concordance and Bible dictionary. It also offers guidance about how to use them for more meaningful Bible study. Deane advises that people use more than one method when studying the Bible—to maintain joy and satisfaction. Deane’s work is ideal for anyone interested in deepening his or her daily devotions. Read more at http://www.LearnToStudyTheBible.com


COPYRIGHT BIBLE STUDY MAGAZINE (NOV–DEC 2009). http://www.BibleStudyMagazine.com

New Endorsements for LEARN TO STUDY THE BIBLE
I've received a few new endorsements for my Bible study book that teaches you 40 Bible study methods. I wanted to share them with you since they are not in the 1st printing of the book (but they will be in the 2nd printing). Here they are:

Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale

"Certain things in the Christian life are non-negotiable, and studying the Bible is one of them. Every believer, regardless of the spiritual season they’re in, must have a regular routine that gets them engaged in God’s Word. But while the “must” to study is universal, the “method” isn’t. What works well for some doesn’t work at all for others. We’ve been wired differently and learn in different ways, which is why this is such a relevant and important book. With 40 different methods of studying the Bible, there’s something here for everyone. No matter who you are or how you’re wired to learn, you’re going to find a key in these pages that will unlock the riches of God’s Word in your life."

Senior Pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church / Sherwood Pictures (FIREPROOF MOVIE)

"Learn to Study Your Bible is an affordable and practical book for those who want to dig deeper and get more out of their personal Bible study."

Associate Pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa

"Anything that will help Christian people get more into the word and more out of the word is bound to be a great blessing. This book will do just that. Andy has done a fantastic job of laying out numerous options for Bible Study. I'm sure there's a method here that will be helpful for most everyone who is serious about growing in the Lord through his word."

View all the endorsements at http://www.learntostudythebible.com/bible-study/endorsements.asp

Become a fan of the book on facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/learntostudythebible

Receive A Free Gift Within One Week
For those of you that have purchased and read LEARN TO STUDY THE BIBLE by Andy Deane (ISBN 9781607915768) you can receive a free gift by leaving your review of the book. You'll get THE DAILY DEVOTIONS NOTEPAD or the MEMORY VERSE POST-IT-NOTE PAD. It's your choice. You'll receive it in the mail within 1 week or posting your review. This isn't a contest. Everyone is guaranteed your gift if you leave a review.

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Thanks for helping to recommend this new book.

God Bless,
Andy Deane

Blog title...
Writer Amos Wells reflected our need for thorough Bible study in this verse:

I supposed I knew my Bible,
Reading peacemeal, hit or miss,
Now a bit of John or Matthew,
Now a snatch of Genesis,
Certain chapters of Isaiah,
Certain Psalms (the twenty-third),
Twelfth of Romans, first of Proverbs --
Yes, I thought I knew the Word!
But I found that thorough reading
Was a different thing to do,
And the way was unfamiliar
When I read the Bible through.
You who like to play at Bible,
Dip and dabble, here and there,
Just before you kneel, aweary,
And yawn through a hurried prayer;
You who treat the Crown of Writings
As you treat no other book,
Just a paragraph, disjointed,
Just a crude, impatient look,
Try a worthier procedure,
Try a broad and steady view;
You will kneel in very rapture
When you read the Bible through.

How thoroughly do you study the Bible each day? Let us take a spiritual inventory about how we each handle God's word personally.

Visit http://www.LearnToStudyTheBible.com to read more articles on how to study the Bible.

Free Book Giveaway - Enter The Contest
Complete the following steps to enter to win a free signed copy of Learn to Study the Bible by Andy Deane. Anyone can enter, even if you already have bought a copy of the book yourself.

Visit http://www.learntostudythebible.com/bible-study/christian-book-giveaway.asp to enter the contest.

How Is The Winner Chosen?
The names of those who enter will be printed, placed into a basket, and the winner will be chosen randomly. We will announce the winner on July 1st on the Facebook Fanpage for the book. The book will be mailed to the winner on the following day. Thanks for entering this contest and for helping us spread the word about this new Bible study resource!


Jesus Is The Theme Of Bible Study!
We we study the Bible we are missing the point if we miss Jesus. Search for our Savior as you study the Bible and your Bible study time will be fruitful. Sometimes it will be obvious and other times it will require more work to find Him - but it is always worth the search! As I study the Scriptures I've seen the reality of the following poem about finding Jesus in the Word:

Wherever I chance to look,
He's the theme of the Bible;
The center and heart of the Book.

He's the Rose of Sharon,
He's the Lily fair;
Wherever I open my Bible,
The Lord of the Book is there.

He, at the Book's beginning
Gave the earth its form;
He is the ark of shelter,
Bearing the brunt of the storm.

He is the burning bush of the desert,
The budding of Aaron's rod;
Wherever I look in the Bible,
I see the Son of God.

The ram upon Mount Moriah,
The ladder from Earth to sky,
The scarlet cord in the window,
And the serpent lifted high.

The smitten rock in the desert,
The Shepherd with staff and crook;
The face of my Lord I discover,
Wherever I open the Book.

He is the seed of the woman,
The Savior, virgin born.
He is the Son of David,
Whom men rejected with scorn.

His garments of grace and of beauty,
The stately Aaron deck;
Yet He is a priest forever,
For He is Melchizedek.

Lord of eternal glory,
Whom John the Apostle saw;
Light of the golden city,
Lamb without spot or flaw.

Bridegroom coming at midnight,
For whom the virgins look;
Wherever I open my Bible,
I find my Lord in the Book.

Andrew Deane is an associate pastor at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge (http://www.andrewjohndeane.com). To discover more tips on how to study the Bible effectively visit http://www.how-to-study-the-bible.net

Why Should We Study the Bible?
As a believer you may ask yourself, “Why do I need to study the Bible?” After all, you have never been trained as a Bible scholar, and besides, the pastor will teach you what you need to know. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. If you are serious about growing in your faith, you need to know what God’s word says, and you need to learn to apply it to your life.

Studies about how we learn have shown that one of the least effective ways of learning anything is by hearing alone. While the human mind is a wonderful thing, it becomes easily distracted. Think about your own Sunday morning experiences. You are listening to the sermon, when you realize that your mind has drifted off to thinking about what you will be having for lunch, or looking at the baby that just cooed in the row in front of you. Before you know it you have missed several minutes of the pastor’s message. Once the service is over, you will have forgotten over half of the details within an hour.

In order to more effectively learn, you need to be actively engaged in the process. One great way to do that is to read and study the Bible yourself. By being more actively engaged, you will retain a great deal more of the information, and you will be able to draw on it more readily.

When we really study the Bible, we start to push out worldly thoughts and replace them with thoughts of Godly things. Our thoughts begin to become less self-centered and become more Christ-centered. As our thoughts begin to change, the way we live our day to day lives begin to be transformed. We begin to live lives that reflect and honor Christ.

The Bible also reminds us that we are sinners, and that we need to go to Christ daily to repent of our sins. God has provided us with a clear path to salvation through Jesus Christ. That path is clearly revealed in the Bible. By knowing and fully understanding that, we are better able to fulfill the Great Commission, and help lead others to Christ, and to accept the gift of eternal life that was given on Calvary.

So, why should I study the Bible? We do it because God commands us to. His word has revealed that we can spend an eternity with him through the sacrifice of his son, Jesus Christ. By accepting Jesus as Lord our Lord and Savior we can be forgiven of our sins. By reading and understanding the Bible, we can have greater knowledge and wisdom, and will be better prepared to serve Him, and to lead others to Christ.

Visit http://www.whystudythebible.com/ to read more more reasons why we study the Scriptures.

We Are Now Accepting Pre-Orders For Learn to Study the Bible
The new book, Learn to Study the Bible by Pastor Andy Deane, will teach you forty different Bible study methods that you can use to study the Bible more effectively. 40 Bible study methods are more methods than can be found in any other book currently in print. With such a variety of Bible study techniques you'll be sure to find a few that you can add to your study time. If you are in a routine that is starting to feel old, or if you want to protect yourself from the rut that routine can bring then this book is for you. It's available for pre-order for $13.99 at our website.

Read a sample chapter to see how the handwritten examples help make it clear how you are supposed to use that method. Go to http://www.learntostudythebible.com to check out the example method called - The Daily Bread Bible Study Method.

Visit http://www.learntostudythebible.com/bible-study-resources/shop/item.aspx?itemid=1 to get your copy reserved today. They will be shipping in May.


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